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Modern Process

I paint with the eyes of an architect. I believe in aesthetic design and lines with purpose. I focus on three principles in which I describe my work and modern process.

Color Field

Characterized primarily by large areas or fields of solid color spread across the canvas creating areas of unbroken surface. It is a method of abstraction that abandons all references to figuration and instead uses the power of color to stimulate emotion. My specific style is to alternate sections of highly textured opaque matte paint with others that are glazed with up to 50 layers of thin, glossy color washes. 


Any of a number of parallel grooves, which may be a series of ridges, furrows or linear marks such as long thin lines, marks or strips of color. I prefer asymmetrical striations that are not square to the substrate to evoke an unexpected sense of organized randomness.


A regularly repeated arrangement, especially a design made from repeated lines, shapes or colors. The visual element of pattern is constructed by repeating or echoing the elements of an artwork to communicate a sense of balance, harmony, contrast, rhythm or movement. My pattern work is typically placed squarely on the substrate using elements with only 90 angles.

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